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you can catch it at seven and 10:00 p.m. on saturday and sunday at 7:00 a.m. and 7:00 p.m. eastern. that does it for us here on this friday. "the willis report" is coming up next. happy friday. elsie you on monday. have a great weekend. ♪ gerri: hello, everybody. tonight the president to a candid it's spreading to the finish as the economy slows to a crawl. the new jobs report is out, and it flies in the face of everything the president says about the economy turning around >> the truth is, it will take more than a few years for us to solve challenges that have built up over decades. cheryl: mitt romney is the campaign trail in swing states. takes a swing at barack obama. >> this president tried but did
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not understand what it takes to make our economy work. cheryl: what does another four years of obama or run the presidency mean for your money? we have top financial advice. also, who led the bulls out? the market on a tear, but september is usually the cruelest month for stocks. will this year be any different? and if the economy is so tough, why are super bowl ads so hot? those top stories and a lot more coming in tonight. ♪ cheryl: and thank you for joining us. a 4-1, that is the big figure that we are focusing on the night, following today's weak jobs report. of get to that figure in just a second, but first news today that our nation's unemployment rate has fallen for the month of
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august. now, as you can see, that is a decrease from the month prior. while it may sound like good news, it's really not. 96,000 non-farm jobs were added last month, 360,000 people dropped out of the workforce, giving us to have given up looking for work altogether, and this is where it gets worse. according to the bureau of labor statistics, the june jobs number has been revised down to 45,000, 45,000 new jobs added. for the same month the usda says more than 173,000 people went on food stamps. so to put it all into perspective for you, according to latest numbers, four times as many people got government help than went out and got a job. that is the 4-1 figure i was talking about. despite all that evidence, the white house says this jobs number is assigned our economy is improving. is it? joining us now, moody's chief economist. paul conway, former chief of staff for the u.s. support of labor. i want to start with you.
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a lot of criticism about the number. a lot of feeling that these numbers are unreliable from the government. it's going to be revised. have you respond. >> i think at this point it has gotten pretty absurd. the integrity of the numbers not only for the weekly jobless claims but for the monthly employment numbers actually congress ought to exercise oversight and take a hard look at it because it has been month after month after month of revisions. over 60 weeks of revisions on the weekly loan. when you get into this month the number the reason why it's so important is because of wall street and those who are actually following this, it actually impacts the economy. for that number to be less than reliable or to have less integrity in it and which appears to have i think is actually causing the congress to take a hard look at it and ask questions of the labor secretary cheryl: and the white house immediately coming out and saying that this report was a cake in their opinion. things getting better. much better off than we were four years ago. that's the slogan we keep hearing.
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mitt romney has another take on that. is the economy that much better? is today's jobs report not that bad? >> it may be better, but does it really matter? it's better relative to what, the worst recession since the great depression? i mean, we still have a reduction in jobs since obama took office back in january of 2009. worse yet we have almost 5 million fewer jobs today, believe, then we did back in january of 2008. consumer confidence numbers that are very low make it very clear that this economic recovery is the worst, the lintas business cycle upturn since the 1930's. cheryl: okay. paul and john, i want to listen to something. fox business actually sat down with mitt romney. he passed about the issue. issue number one, jobs and the economy. here is mitt romney's response.
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>> and of the white house keeps saying economic above the numbers, but if you look over the last several quarters, the last several years, you see a continued pattern which is that we are not creating the jobs that we need to create to put americans back to work. for every net new job created about four people dropped out of the workforce. so we are going in the wrong direction. cheryl: that is the issue here. the fact that the labour participation rate dropped so substantially. people are giving up. to have to go back to the belief in these numbers. can we believe them? and have troubling is it that the labour participation rate is as low as it is now? >> that tell you, this is very troubling. the only reason why the number went down, 368,000 americans, many of whom people out there watching right now know personally are no longer looking for work. instead of celebrating the number, 8.1, they're doing is saying, hey, it's 8.1 to my good
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report, but it's only a good report because less people working. we need to get the point where we say it's fantastic when more people go to work. is it just be a numbers game calculated to 60 days from now and election day. these are real people and realized. young americans alone, the unemployment rate is 12%. 2 million are not counted, and the monthly unemployment rate for young americans would be 16% cheryl: respond to those numbers. what paul is saying here is that, frankly, our economy is going in the wrong direction, especially with youth unemployment to be stuck with the economic effect of that. >> is really kind darkens the outlook for the future of the u.s. economy because then people and not working. they're not gaining skills. if they don't gain skills, if they ever go back to work there going to be very unproductive, costly to train, and that's going to be a drag on economic activity. this is, you know, horrible
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waste of talent. it's the young people that have the skills, the new ideas that are so very important to assure that adequate rate of economic growth. cheryl: eileen and you for this one. if you look at that labour participation rate in particular for men, it is the lowest it has been since 1948 when records began for this. how troubling is that? >> that is very troubling. part of the reason why is because some of the industries that have been hardest hit, manufacturing, housing, their over represented. you could say, the experts say by men. a story that did not get reported is the biggest drop in labor force participation rates for women. that's 57 percent. the only time it's been lower than that is in 1991, and at that point had a labor secretary that took to the stage under president george h. w. bush and said that glass ceiling has to be smashed. where is the average today? especially for young women who
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are taking on debt and trying to succeed. all of the effort that has been done for so many years, you just heard a week's worth of messaging about how one party is against women. the party that is actually in control here says nothing when it's the biggest drop in labor force participation for women. cheryl: that is a great point. we could talk a lot the glass ceiling another time, but if something a little more serious out of you, and that, of course, is mr. ben bernanke, the fed. the market did not really react is that what they went to the fact that it looks of this is going to give him the trigger that he needs to pull the plug in more stimulus. what do you say that? do you think today was the final thing we needed for ben bernanke to do something? >> the likelihood of additional monetary stimulus wind up in response to the weaker than expected in plumb a report, but i wouldn't put the probability at being much above 50%. you know, despite troubling news from the employment front that
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also applies to a flat wages and relatively flat and hours worked, we have had pretty good showings by other sales, retail chain sells and by home sales. and the improved performance by household expenditures tends to offset the troubling news that was provided by today's weaker than expected employment report, and that may put the fed on hold until the next meeting. cheryl: all right. well, thanks to both of you. i didn't bring up those estimates. i could have, but i didn't pay reality of the book. cheryl: thank you so much. i'll return the favor sunday. cheryl: you bet. thank you very much. appreciate it all right. the white house may think that the economy is improving best of today's jobs report, but they are dangerously off course. it's not just people who can't find work that are hurting, and it affects all the folks of a working. what does that mean? take this article in today's
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wall street journal. tonight jay leno's recent pay cut. 50 percent. so the salary was sliced in half. he's still making a ton of money, but he went from making $30 million to $15 million a year. here is why that is important for the rest of us. according to the irs, the tax rate for filers making with a million a year, 25%. this means it could have cost the government and you and me almost 4 million in tax revenue. now, they also had to cut 5 million in annual expenses that resulted in the layoffs of roughly 20 people, average salary of those 20 people, 250 grand apiece. now, according to the irs, that croupade an average tax rate of 19% while uncle sam the round of nearly a million in annual taxes. so, the numbers, the tonight show layoffs plus j reduced
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revenue to the treasury, just under $5 million. in august 368 million people a job that of the eligible work force. the average rate is $41,000 a year. that tax bracket pays on average about six and a half%. that equates to $15 billion in potential annual income or 981 million in lost tax revenue. special thanks to our news director for helping his cause those numbers today. when the jobs go we'll take a head. you, me, our neighbors from all this. coming up next, how will today's jobs report change the elections ? new polls might give us a clue. health care, it has become a big issue in this campaign. the report says it is possible the cut costs. that you do that? we will tell you next. [ female announcer ] you want family dinner to be special.
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♪ cheryl: remember this, it's obama's iconic 2008 campaign poster. the artist behind this masterpiece, he didn't create it. someone else made that happen, literally. the associated press took the picture, and it has been the subject of a lawsuit for some time. today a judge it the artist with two years' probation, $300 of community service for destroying documents and making up evidence in this copyright suit. the 32 europa's apologize for his actions, calling of the worst thing he'sver done is life and is looking forward to putting this episode behind them the run for the white house is now has 60 days sprint. at one big hurdle, today's jobs report. how will this play out?
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democratic strategist and communications director for american crossroads. the start with you. just off the hills of the dnc. the needle moved a little bit for the president's overall for the convention according to the polls. can you hold that if the fight because over the economy and the debate becomes about the economy ? >> at think so. the americans want to see a plan the understand the president has been working hard and he's been getting a lot of resistance from congress. they also understand in 40 states that the economy is not as bad as it is nationally, specifically ohio. and romney cannot win without ohio. an unemployment rate of 7% and lower than the national average because of things the president has done a good in the auto industry bailout. cheryl: the look at the gallup poll. this is what we're talking about it may be closer than a lot people realize. that is what president obama is a 48%. the promise of 45%.
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is that a narrow gap? >> a very, very narrow gap. all the national polling has this reason and one of two points, all within the margin of error, and what's fascinating about the economy, one of the economic figures, the present always tries to tune up the topic. the state unemployment figures cannot two weeks ago. the president sent a letter to the romney campaign over tax return. they want to change the subject to anything else other than the economy because benefit talking about the economy dollars. >> i didn't hear republicans talking about the economy that much. i heard them talking about president obama, but did hear them talking about the economy. they don't really have a plan. i expect a guy that went to harvard and has 3 degrees to understand the difference between plans and goals. >> this is just a few feet. a 59. plan. but you want? the serious.
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cheryl: i want to play. often than last night. i want you to up listen to the president last night. he basically ask for more time. >> i won't pretend the path i'm offering is quick or easy. and never have. he did not let me tell you what you wanted to hear. you elected me to tell you the truth the truth this bill take more than a few years fresh to salt challenges that have built up over decades. cheryl: okay. if memory serves, he didn't mind being a one-term presidents. not so sure that's what i'm hearing. >> four years ago was a candid. now i'm the president. things change. now i understand how bad things really are, how hard this job is i don't think mitt romney understands. i know the republicans want to
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say the whole time when there were in tampa, we screwed up. he didn't fix a quick enough. i don't understand. cheryl: let me ask you. excuse me. let me ask you this. i wanted to you but mitt romney said about this and get your reaction. >> and very specific as to what i'll do to get the economy going. but the presidents of us might have virtually no new steps indication of what do the ones they see better and yet to create jobs, but not how it must do it cheryl: the specific enough to. >> what is basically saying a steady course. we know with the courses. when he had record-setting majorities of democrats in the house and senate in the past a very large economic plan. sitting here with the to 11 percent unemployment rate. it takes 120 dow hundred 50,000 in just a sellout the population
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growth not to mention the 3 million new college graduates . 96,000 jobs a month is not enough to give all those people plasterwork. >> which is why we need a real stimulus. it put people back to work. it kept people work. 65 percent of the jobs, like to know what tax cuts in the stimulus mitt romney had a problem with. i want to know the specific tax cuts he go wrong. >> if you want to have a campaign, the republicans love to have that debate with the democrat. cheryl: you know what, please. [talking over each other] cheryl: $16 trillion in debt. $16 trillion. the health care plan that everybody hates. >> i would of taking care, would have taken a half of those tax cuts and replace them with actual it infrastructure improvements. cheryl: temporary jobs.
6:21 pm
>> shovel-ready jobs. >> temporary jobs. by the time is finished building the bridge is have the economy has recovered to a par with their other jobs available. >> just not four years later. we heard the phrase the show already knew was as show already has that got. it's not working. it's very obvious that is not working. the president will be held to account when said. if i can get this done in four years this will be a one-term proposition. on november 6 voters will determine that. >> of the gop with let us spend we would be well out of this recession. >> he spent more than you should cheryl: they all like to spend. that's what the power gas. thank you very much. nothing like a friday with you to. here's your chance to weigh in on our question. what will four more years of obama mean for america? four years of gain or pain.
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log on the info on the ride and sunscreen. all share the results of the end of the show. a stunning new report says the health care system is riddled with race. if banks ran the business like health care is simply team transaction would take days talk about efficiency. >> with the convention's over in the campaign beginning the final stretch, health care is about to take center stage again. notably the sizable cost of the new health reform law. the taxes needed to pay for health reform as well as the potential $716 billion in cuts in medicare now on the table. but is this throwing good money after bad? a stunning new report says the u.s. health care system wastes $750 billion a year according to the institute of medicine, nonpartisan group affiliated with the national academy of sciences. that annual 750 billion in health care -- healthcare wastes
6:23 pm
announced to a big 30 percent of the entire u.s. assistant. the 750 billion easily surpasses the pentagon's budget the entire u.s. assistant. and stopping this waste would easily cover the $716 billion in medicare cuts also more than enough to care for the uninsured. the scale of the waste to surprising. the report identified six major areas of waste. the worst offenders were unnecessary services, $210 billion annually, and efficient delivery of care, excess administrative costs. the report said getting health care costs better controlled as one of the keys to reducing the deficit. that's one of the biggest domestic challenges facing the next president. back to you. cheryl: all right. thank you very much. we have a lot more still ahead, including news about the super bowl. some folks are asking, what
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recession? apple may be about to change the way we live our lives again. we will tell you next. you see us, at the start of the day. on the company phone list that's a few names longer. you see us bank on busier highways. on once empty fields. everyday you see all the ways all of us at us bank are helping grow our economy. lending more so companies and communities can expand, grow stronger and get back to work. everyday you see all of us serving you, around the country, around the corner. us bank.
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i don't leave the shop anymore. [ male announcer ] get a 4-week trial plus $100 in extras including postage and a digital scale. go to and never go to the post office again. cheryl: as it does not already enough pause on apple, the fun is expected to be unveiled next we consensus bill with 40 data speeds.
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new reports suggesting the tech giant might break into a whole new business which is actually in new to fill a really old one. let's get to the apple and the radio side of this. the going after big name. >> pandora, the internet ready a service which lost 17 percent of the company's entire value in just one day on the "wall street journal" report this morning that apple is in talks with big musicals about coming up with the pandora-like internet service. still leader in this space. 55 million active users. a recent survey said that more adults in america said that they listen to music through pandora than adults in america is said and listen to music through apple's itunes. that's as get a reason as any for apple to draw a target on the market. already so strong in music. the world's wonder of -- the world's number one retailer of music in any form. might be easier right into the space.
6:29 pm
you have to wonder whether a 17% plunge in a single day for a service that could be a year away might be a bit of a sudden overreaction. cheryl: the wall street journal action -- article that cost a couple of minutes ago the basically reported according to sources the new apple iphone will support ltv and around the world. europe, the u.s. with all the streaming of the data running on the iphone, does this make it more valuable? >> haven't had a chance to check on this. when you talk guilty to lead means going to 4g, most networks in the u.s. a3g. what this means is that it may be that the rising gets a head start on iphone five. verizon has the most advanced for gina worked in america. at&t is way behind. verizon has been bragging. for all we know they're bragging about 40. you have to wonder whether people really pick a service in anticipation that they would get the iphone 51st. it could mean this is of horizon to entrap.
6:30 pm
cheryl: samsung's and all that. this removes a big competitive issue. samsung has been coming up against them. >> apple also switched suppliers. there were getting chips and stuff from samsung. now ms. britney earlier today that they're getting rid of samsung. that has to impart the fallout from apple winning a billion dollars patent infringement verdict against samsung coming out with i funds and ipads. that was the ripple effect continuing. that i found five for 4g is kind of interesting to begin to wonder whether it will benefit verizon. the first to get the iphone. at&t. rising debt second. cheryl: at&t. helping them catapult. cheryl: in the desk -- the exclusivity deal. >> reports that at&t paid a billion dollars for that list as a first-rate. have to wonder whether verizon
6:31 pm
and some moving ahead of at&t because of that 40 feature. cheryl: what's interesting, apple is one of those companies that really seems to defy any bad economy, no matter if you're rich, poor, whenever. everyone wants an iphone. football is up there. cbs, the rights to the super bowl. they sold almost all the commercial spirit ofne to get your take on that. >> i like that. first, cbs sold five months ahead of the super bowl, 90 percent of all the available ad time. the last time cbs had super bowl, 2010, 80% by this month instead of 90. now, here's the thing. advertising is a really great canary in the coal mine for economic trend. the economy turns down, that is the first thing that companies cut. it big advertisers are committing ten at prices, that's up from three and a half million last year. they're doing that in advance. i think that those marketers and brands might have a little more
6:32 pm
hope for the economy and we do when we see the numbers coming out so bearish every day. cheryl: all right. i'm glad -- there is a lot of breaking news, 6:00 on friday. here we are, together again. >> here we are. i think you're enjoying being alone way too much. cheryl: get off my said. >> exactly. cheryl: of light. $200 million. that is what tonight's top five highest paid nfl players raked in of the last 12 months. coming in at number five, i can't believe i said that, the defensive tackle for the detroit lions, 36 million. this despite getting suspended without pay for two games after stopping of the arm of the packers player. member for, arizona cardinals larry fitzgerald earns more off the field than any other non quarterback in the country with total earnings of $36 million. it's the era think. number three, riven star defensive lineman raking in over
6:33 pm
37 million. the denver broncos paid manning, four time in the peak topped product endorsers. 10 million off the field. 42 million overall. and the number one highest-paid player, drew breeze. rakes in nearly $50 million a year. well, coming up next in the wish i could play football. coming up next, does it matter for your money who is in the white house? don't focus on red or blue. focus on the green. and high profile. it's causing a diplomatic incident. that's next. [ male announcer ] wouldn't it be nice if there was an easier,
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♪ cheryl: major headlines can
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translate into major headaches for investors. on the one hand mitt romney and president obama squaring off, and on the other the crisis over in europe threatening markets worldwide. what does all this mean for you and your money? joining me now with tips navigate today's market, chairman and ceo of adam and financial services. you know, we don't really think that the election is that big an issue for investors. why? >> history tells us that investors place far too much energy and attention on presidents. they give too much credit and blame for what is going on in the economy. if we all the way back to 1950 and like all the 12 presidents since that time, democrats have been there six times, six of the republicans. what we discover is that if you were invested only when your party was in power you would have ended up with a lot less money than if you're simply invested the whole time. so we need to recognize that investing is a long-term strategy. whoever wins in november, they're gone in four years. if you're retiring and 20, what
6:38 pm
difference does it make? cheryl: trying to retire tomorrow and can't, but that's another issue. you say -- >> but that is a tired different issue. >> that is what the election is affecting a lot of people. rain turns red and blue. you take a look at the s&p, breaking down. i want to show our viewers this back to give them a sensible were talking about. you look to the democrats, the republicans. the average turn, this kind of goes to your point, stay in the market and don't worry about who's in office because if he stayed over 1950-2011 and did your research, your sink i'd make almost 10 million with hundred million dollar investment. and i wouldn't have that. there we go. i would have that. >> you would have a problem with that. we have to recognize is that this chart is on the telling as half the story, showing a switch
6:39 pm
parties in the white house but ignoring which party is controlling congress to read when we look at a more detailed chart which i could do for you some other time, find that the numbers really vary depending on not only who is in the white house but who is in the house and the senate. mesa verde see figure out. cheryl: overall, here's a number for you. does that really a number but unissued. as the one thing that seems to be holding back a lot of american and u.s. investment, holding back companies from stock buybacks, things like that. what about europe? what kind of short-term time frame on the concern of law you with your? >> we are, frankly, bullish. it sounds kind of weird. europe is a mess, has been a mess, is going to be a mess, but the reason we are bullish about long-term is because this is a political issue. it is not an economic issue. simply a matter of the elected leaders in your doing what they have to do.
6:40 pm
it's not what the voters wanted to do, but at the end of the day they're going to do what is necessary. unfortunately they're going to wait until the last minute, tickets to the process before they act, and that's what gets investors nervous and jittery and frustrated, but at the end of the day there not going to voluntarily let the kind of collapse. cheryl: that will be nice to have. at the same time you mention what makes people nervous. a lot of our viewers that own a lot of those dividend paying stocks and nervous about the fiscal cliff. if for some reason this happens, we have armageddon at the end of the year. for dividends, i mean, some really rough numbers out there that are fighting. makes you not want to be in equities. >> well, i think it makes you realize is that corporate ceos are not dumb. they realize what you just said because you're absolutely right. what we can expect to happen is that companies will reduce their
6:41 pm
dividends. it would rather let shareholders received a profit as capital gains that higher tax dividends. so corporate america will respond. but not going to like it, but all these reasons point to why congress is likely going to change the rules. cheryl: like that. good to have you on the show. well, nothing says burgundian cooking and friend on facebook. henry's prime minister, viktor or been just ended his molotov french of the international monetary fund and very public way. did on facebook. said that hungary cannot accept the imf conditions in exchange for an estimated $19 billion loan. his announcement took the world by surprise. the day earlier he said the negotiations for the loan were going well. for the record, 22 times as many blacks as the imf of ron facebook. interesting. coming up next, will all gardens
6:42 pm
stop its never ending possible? is the parent company copping out major go to its workers in a new lawsuit. we break it down coming up next.
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♪ cheryl: does your favorite restaurant chain break federal labor laws? and knew law says darden restaurants incorporated which includes all of garden, when stakeouts, capital grille, red lobster, underpaying its workers with more on this. fox news legal analyst joining me now. so, they're looking for a class action on this. >> class action, but they only have to practice. i have the complete right here. nineteen pages, and they're only alleging to plaintiffs. they're saying, thousand employees with all of these companies, i'm really getting, there under paying their employees. they're saying, they're checking in, working more hours than they should. the tips are making up for it. under minimum wage. the need to be paid, and want to have dozens of employees.
6:47 pm
but the tipoff for me when i look at this 19 page complaint says, okay. you want a class action, but you can only find two plaintiffs. that's a problem. cheryl: why? think this would be just to get the group going. >> well, normally before you go into a class-action you go to a federal judge, in this case you want to go in and say, i have two, five, ten, 100, more like hundreds to go and with two is very unusual. now, we can look at walmart. the walmart discrimination case. cheryl: with women. >> right. that was certified over a very long time because women were said to have been in this one certify class. now, to get certified it's not that easy to get a class-action certified. they have to show all these employees in different restaurants were discriminated against the same way. cheryl: that's really interesting. one thing i did see, down in texas there are couple similar lawsuits that darden settled,
6:48 pm
one was at the olive garden, 2011. and then let the taxes with red lobster. doesn't that help the case for these lawyers that are -- >> yes, it can. you can look at the settlements and say, look, you would settle if there was something wrong. you have to go back to the class-action pursuit. did they get certified as a class-action? that is really difficult. they can come back and say, it was a nuisance value suit. you know, we just give them a few thousand bucks to make them go away. no way does that make it a class-action. cheryl: a very interesting story >> it is. are going to have to follow. >> now i'm really angry. cheryl: well for me. hi. still ahead, stocks closed at multi year highs. today's jobs report, will the fed's use the economy and sent stocks higher? we will try and find out after a quick break.
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you see us, at the start of the day. on the company phone list that's a few names longer. you see us bank on busier highways. on once empty fields. everyday you see all the ways all of us at us bank are helping grow our economy. lending more so companies and communities can expand,
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grow stronger and get back to work. everyday you see all of us serving you, around the country, around the corner. us bank. cheryl: markets today hitting pre recession highs. how long will that last? advice for small investors coming up in just two minutes.
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cheryl: in focus tonight, what is driving the stock market? blue chips sitting pre recession highs today. take a look at the dow. 13,000. we have, a long way from just a few years ago. for more on this i am joined by investment adviser. what do you make of the route that we have seen in stocks? is it going to stick and do you invest now? >> i think right now it's taking. whenever you get a good break out of the major indices like the s&p in nasdaq over the highs which is going back about six
6:53 pm
months, it's usually good news. look no further, what you been talking about some. central banks. the european central bank will flood the market with hundreds of billions, if not trillions of dollars of money conjured up, and it's been helping the market since march of 2009 and that second will continue. when you have valuations that are not really at a black and earnings that are okay, nothing great, it tends to liquefy the markets, and that's what you're seeing. cheryl: you know, september is traditionally not a great month for stocks. the last couple of years have been a strange phenomenon. to you think that we will hold these levels? >> i actually do. one of the reasons is, an election year. usually to the end of the year on election year no matter who wins, there's usually -- and for me, i watched the market must aboard lee. what you saw this week, use of financial moving out. nothing bad happens. and the worst, the markets, and that is the steel, metal,
6:54 pm
mining, and the like, they come off lows. you're getting broad participation, so were in good shape. cheryl: before i let you go, we have a lot of news on amazon of the last couple of days, especially last 48 hours. see you still like it? >> i'm a big holder of the stock. let me say that out front. absolutely. great sales growth. the earnings are going to come along once they stop spending like crazy. the commonality products of the market obviously likes. it's running into new high ground as of today, so it's one of those growth names are fond of. i have to tell you, i love gold and silver. i think they are a bearish market. dole the senate for 2500, 3,000 of the next sample of years. cheryl: do you make that assumption uncle based on what we think we're going to get from bernanke? do you base that assumption, affect the global economy might continue to be somewhat of a downer? >> you have to remember, we had easing monetary policy already
6:55 pm
for a while. that is getting into the system right now. with more easing to come, that displays into gold. i think the action you saw the last week, the big money crowd jumping in is just the start. you know, gold has been a bull market for about ten, 12 years. usually in the last few years of that kind of move uc monsters with to the upside. i think we may see something akin to the late 70's where gold actually went up for full the last couple of years and actually doubled before it finally top down in january of 80, and that's what i'm counting on. cheryl: per going to have to talk next week when bernanke decides to do something to interested to read your morning up. thank you. >> my pleasure. have a good weekend. cheryl: youtube. up next, clint eastwood speaking out for the first time following last week's and teachers taught. wait until you hear what he said. and we'll be right back with the answer to our question of the date. [ male announcer ] at scottrade,
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that's smarter power today. you will or more years of obamanomics me for america? 98% said jane and 2% said jane. clint eastwood making comments. ever since the rnc. he came up with the idea of the sec chairs only hours before going on stage for the idea came while he was on

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